Meet the new face of ATM banking. Talk2Teller℠

A face-to-face experience.

Eastern Bank now offers another convenient way to do your banking. Talk2Teller provides face-to-face assistance from a knowledgeable Virtual Teller using live video technology. All of our representatives are located at our Eastern Bank Customer Service Center in Lynn, MA. You get all the convenience of an ATM with the personal service of a live teller.

Easy and personal,
the way banking should be.

With Talk2Teller, you can do more than just withdraw cash and make deposits. You can connect with a teller right from a Talk2Teller machine, allowing you to get your banking done more quickly. And if you show proper ID, you don’t even need your ATM card. Plus you can do more of your other everyday banking, including:

  • Make deposits
  • Make withdrawals
  • Cash checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Receive balance information

Talk2Teller locations.

Talk2Teller is available at the following locations:

287 Third Street
112 Market Street
45 Salem Street
441 Main Street
123 Haven Street
339 Squire Road
139 Washington Street
13 Main Street
445 Main Street
203 Littleton Road

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about using Talk2Teller, please visit our FAQ's.